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Explosion Suppression
Airplane Trolley

The Explosion Suppression Airplane Trolley, ESAT,´s main field of purpose is to provide security for the general travelling industry.

The ESAT is built in configuration with a standard waste/serving trolley which makes the product ideal for vulnerable sites like on boats, airplanes or metro wagons where an explosion would generate immense damage.

Explosion Suppression
Litter Bin

The Explosion Suppression Litter Bin, ESLB, is a bombproof litter bin made to withstand detonations and provide protection against both fireballs as well as for both primary and secondary fragments. 

The elegant design will make people passing people experience the ESLB as an ordinary litter bin, yet it will distinctly increase the level of security in the venue it is placed.

Mobile Demil System

The Mobile Demil System is an all-covering demilitarisation concept designed to attack all the major aspects of the problems with illegal, outdated and unreliable stocks of weapons and ammunition.

This all-mobile solution for safe destruction will save both lives and property whilst keeping the environmental impact to a minimum. To prevent pollution and health hazards, all the dust and gases from the destruction chamber are collected, filtered or treated with additives.

Mobile Explosion
Containment Chamber

The Mobile Explosion Containment Chamber, MECC, is a mobile containment solution designed to withstand repeated explosions up to 5 kg TNT. The MECC provide total containment of any hazardous gas emissions as well as total containment of fragments, shock wave and fire in case of an explosion.

The MECC´s main area of application is safe storage and transportation of bombs, explosives or hazardous goods. It is designed to fit on standard trailers and trucks for trans­port between sites and compatible a standard fork lift with appropriate weight capa­city for relocation within site.

Mobile Explosion
Suppression Chamber

The Mobile Explosion Suppression Chamber, MESC, is a series of mobile bombproof chambers designed to contain the effects of a detonation and protect the surrounding area from primary and secondary fragments, heat and fire balls.

The MESC’s prime purpose is to take control over the contingency caused by the encounter of suspicious objects and to categorically raise the overall level of security in the venue it is placed. The MESC is available with loading baskets that opens either upwards or horizontally and with an explosion capacity between 3 to 10 kg TNT.

Road Barrier

The Road Barrier is a patented product in the series of crowd control designed to decelerate, stop and disable vehicles trying to pass the system. Use the product as a mobile solution for temporary use or as a permanent installation for standing protection from radical vehicle assaults.

The Road Barrier will slow and eventually stop vehicles trying to pass the system. In contrast with conventional road blockers, the Road Barrier is designed to considerate the factors of accidents and will not cause the vehicle the lethal sudden brake. Once tipped over, the triangular bottom plates penetrate the chassis of the vehicle.

Coming Soon

  • Mobile Explosion Suppression Chamber – Down-series
  • Panic Room