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Who We Are

SaferWorld International is a subsidiary company owned by the Olcon Engineering concern. As the name proclaims, our vision is to make the world a safer place, globally. To do so, we specialize in the research, development and manufacturing of protection against explosions. Effects of such can be shock pressure effects, fragment damages and fire or fireballs. Furthermore, we also dedicate our expertise on products which prevents, and protects, from sabotage such as collisions, infringements and other threats and critical situations.


SaferWorld International was first introduced as Security DPD in 2016 but changed into SaferWorld International in 2018. Although the establishment of SaferWorld International is rather recent, the level of experience is concrete. SaferWorld behold same management as Olcon Engineering, the parent company with more than 30 years of experience within the field of defence and the founder and sole owner of Dynasafe International up until the sale in 2011.


Our head office is located in Karlstad, Sweden, where we also provide our stock supply and a Show Room featuring most of our products and ideas.

SaferWorld International safety
SaferWorld International device